A Bigger Splash - I’ve been on a Hockney binge lately. Ever since I saw his iPad drawings at Pace Gallery, I’ve been obsessed with one of the last living Pop art stars.

A bigger Splash is an intimate portrait of Hockney. It tracks the artist in the wake of his break up with boyfriend and muse Peter Schlessinger. The film was banned in London for its homoerotic love scene. Its a great documentation of gay life in the early 70’s and a brilliant view into the inner life of a Pop art icon.

Rent it on Netflix.



September 22nd 1827: Smith finds the golden plates

On this day in 1827, Joseph Smith Jr. claimed to have found the golden plates on which the third book of the Bible is written. Smith said he was visited by an angel called Moroni who told him where they were buried. He then supposedly translated the golden plates and had them published as ‘The Book of Mormon’ and thus founded the Latter Day Saint movement.  Mormons believe that Jesus came to America and the Book tells the history of an ancient Judeo-Christian civilisation in America. Smith never allowed anyone to see the golden plates, and so many question whether they ever existed. Smith led his followers West, but along the way encountered much hatred from Christians and Smith was eventually killed by a mob in 1844 aged 38.