September 16th 1620: Mayflower sets sail

On this day in 1620, the Mayflower started her voyage from Great Britain to North America. She carried 102 passengers, many of whom were pilgrims who later settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts. By November they sighted land and landed at Cape Cod and proceeded the settle there, though around half died during the first harsh winter in the New World. The site where the Mayflower pilgrims landed at Plymouth is marked today by ‘Plymouth Rock’. The Mayflower left for England the next April. The journey of the Mayflower is considered a major and symbolic event in American history as the ship carried the some of the first European settlers to America’s shores.

Planet Pretty - Dear Sheila, Day 1

Planet Pretty – Dear Sheila, Day 1

I’ve been wrestling with writer’s block for a couple of weeks. So, when the other day I heard a woman mention that she wrote a letter to God every morning, it struck me as a great way to start my day – and a useful tool to push through this wrtiing plateau. So, here goes…

Dear Sheila,

I’m concerned about the planet. All the unrest in the world leaves me feeling, at times, that the world is…

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